National Fair of Mexico.

Before I talk about my trip to the north of Mexico, I should talk about going to the national fair of Mexico.


La Feria Nacional de San Marcos (San Marcos National Fair) is the orgullo de Mexico (pride of Mexico) according to its website. I’m not sure if it’s held in Aguascalientes every year (I should do some more research) but for 2012 it was. And because I have friends in Aguascalientes I had a great group of people to go with.

I had already been to the fair once with the guys (yes, all guys, which is so much fun but sometimes it’s way too much testosterone but I love every minute of it! haha yay a break from lots of girls) and we knew that May 11-13 was the last weekend I would be able to come see them. So my friend Alex, who I call my twin, arranged a last trip to the fair for everybody!

I was really sad when I arrived to Aguas cos I found out that my friend Stopani had gone to Zacatecas that weekend so I wouldn’t get to say bye to him. =/ I’m still sad about that but we have every intention of hanging out when I go back and we have skyped a bit.

Anyways, that night I went with most of the guys, Alex, Misa, Isaac, and Saul.


The fair is really too awesome for words. You HAVE to go to experience it. And there’s approximately negative three tourists in Aguascalientes cos it’s the tiniest state in Mexico.

But the fair is full of games, food, bars, and clubs. I really don’t know how else to describe it. There’s bullfighting (which I don’t support, but it’s there) and lots of banda music for dancing. It’s just truly an incredible time with SO many people everywhere and just so much to do.

Here’s a photo I found from google to show you the crowds at the fair:

I guess this is just MY thing. I love going out. I love lots of people. I love all the excitement and things to do.

When I went this past time we mostly just stood around talking but the first time I went, which was in April, I ended up dancing banda with Stopani for a while even though I am terrible at it.

Afterwards everyone goes to get tacos, of course. It’s just…eugh. I’m trying to tell you guys about it and I can’t. A huge part of it for me was who I was there with. The best nights always happen with awesome friends.

Here’s a picture of me and my twin. ;P

Next post I shall definitely fill everyone in on my adventures in the north of Mexico! It’s Thursday and I leave for Bolivia on SUNDAY that is crazy.

Well, I leave for Miami on Sunday for orientation and then will be headed to Bolivia 2 days later. 🙂

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