now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

…the north of Mexico!!

For the past two days I’ve been in Miami/West Palm Beach for my orientation for Bolivia and we just got the wifi working today. I lurked on my 3G (finally joined the iphone club, haha) but couldn’t upload photos. Right as I said that I realized I could have saved photos to my phone and uploaded them that way.


I’m young but apparently technologically challenged, haha.

Well, tomorrow I am off to Bolivia! We leave Miami in the evening and arrive to our lovely 11 hour layover in Peru a bit late at night. Hopefully we can find a hotel in Lima near the airport so we can get some sleep. The next morning we’ll be officially headed to Bolivia!!

A note to you all is that we can use internet in the orphanage, however we can’t really use it when we have mission teams down because we are so busy so please bear with me if I post a bit infrequently. I’ll try to keep everyone as updated as possible. 🙂

Now onto the North of Mexico!

After finishing up with Tec my friend Mary Claire and I decided to do something exciting!! At first she wanted to see Cuernavaca, Taxco, and Lago de Patzcuaro (I think I spelled the lake wrong). All these would be cool but after seeing so many cities I didn’t want to go see more cities. If that makes sense. And part of me likes to insert myself into danger so I of course suggested we go to Chihuahua.

I actually planned the trip on a whim and it ended up working out! What I planned was to fly from Mexico City to Chihuahua. From Chihuahua we would take a bus to Creel and spend a day there touring the Copper Canyon. From there we’d take a train through the Copper Canyon and end up in Los Mochis (in Sinaloa) where we would spend the night then take a bus to Mazatlan (beach in Sinaloa) and that night take a bus to Guadalajara and spend the day there.

So let’s get started!

On Thursday the 17th I took a bus down to the Mexico City airport where I waited for Mary Claire. She was coming in from Cancun. And her flight left 45 minutes late. She only had an hour layover so this was terrifying. And her phone was out of credit so she couldn’t contact me. And for some reason it wasn’t working when I called her.

The good news is she finally arrived and then OUR flight was delayed. We were the only gringas heading up to Chihuahua and I can’t lie, people looked at us like we were crazy. Chihuahua is the state where Ciudad Juarez is located, so not too many people go there for vacay anymore.

When we got to the bus station in Chihuahua we found out that the last bus to Creel had already left. Brilliant planning on my part. So instead we took a bus to Cuauhtemoc to at least get closer to Creel. Creel has the largest mennonite community in Mexico! In case you were wondering. You probably weren’t….haha.

On the way to Cuauhtemoc I took this lovely photo for my mom:

We were about 3-4 hours away from Ciudad Juarez but I knew my mom would not appreciate me being even that close. So of course I took a photo.

The hotel we stayed in in Cuauhtemoc was AWFUL. There were ants crawling everywhere. We saw cockroaches. There was a hole in the wall (similar to those movies where some serial killer spies on you and then locks you in the room and tortures you, yeah those.) So we slept on top of the sheets. We were there literally 9 hours. We stopped by a restaurant a mere two blocks from our hotel and some guy told us how in Creel they were going to kidnap us and murder us.

It was great. Not.

I’m realizing this post is getting a bit long but just let me finish with Chihuahua and then I’ll split Sinaloa and Jalisco into tomorrow’s post. 🙂

So the next day we woke up bright and early at 5:00 to leave at 5:40. Our taxi driver never showed up so we walked to some bus station and bought tickets to Creel.

On our bus to Creel people got on all the time selling burritos and whatnot. I wanted one but I refrained cos I had already eaten a lot.


So Creel is a really small town filled with indigenous people, the tarahumaras. These guys can run like craaaazy! They walk ridiculous distances. Creel felt 100% safe.

In Creel we grabbed a tour up to the Divisadero to explore the Copper Canyon.

The Copper Canyon (Barrancas del Cobre) is 4 times wider and two times deeper than the Grand Canyon! Here are some photos:

Copper Canyon!!


me in the Copper Canyon!


We took one of these snazzy ski-lift/gondola-esque things through the canyon. Overpriced but cool.


delicious gorditas and chiles rellenos in the Copper Canyon!


A tarahumara! You can’t see it but she’s wearing little running shoes.

Tomorrow (assuming I have time) I will talk a bit about the train ride and for sure about Sinaloa and Jalisco as I enjoy my last day in the US for almost two full months!


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  1. Christina says:

    That food looks SO good!!

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