Running on fumes

I’m running on empty. Right now I sit it the La Paz airport feeling light headed and nauseous because of the extremely high altitude. This has definitely been an adventure to say the least.

Yesterday we left West Palm Beach at 2:30 to go to the Miami airport. Once in the airport we had a bit of a struggle with the lady from LAN because she didn’t want to let Jacque print her boarding pass without already having a visa. After insisting she could get her visa in Bolivia we managed to get through.

Summary of my travels:

6:30 leave Miami. Arrive Lima Peru 11:20 (Lima time.)

Go to a restaurant to eat because we see an Argentinian basketball team there, hahaha.

Sleep on the benches in the airport until 7 am.

Leave Lima at 10:10 am. Arrive to Santa Cruz at 1:25 pm. Stay on plane for 75 minutes. Take off to La Paz. Land in La Paz at 3:30ish.

Feel nauseous cos of the altitude. Go through immigration and get half of our stuff searched.

In 2 hours and 45 minutes we will be heading off on our final flight to Cochabamba.

So very ready to get a good nights sleep and then tomorrow begin an awesome summer (or winter, cos were in the southern hemisphere) with the Bolivia Life Center!!

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