Week of descanso.

The MIA missionary…that’s who I am apparently. Finally I have an opportunity to be on a real computer typing this.

We only have 2 weeks left here. That is absolutely INSANE to me. Today in church I was journaling. I may blog, but I am an AWFUL journal-keeper-upper. Once my wrist starts hurting, it’s over. So today I just decided to write about some of my favorite moments with various boys.

Of course now that I have the opportunity to be on the computer, I don’t have that list with me.

But I’ll write some off the top of my head.

Because honestly…if I wrote about my life on a day-by-day basis, you’d get bored because we have the same schedule for each team. It’s awesome for me but boring to read about, I would think.

Last week was actually our rest week because no teams arrive. The Hernandez family and the Escobar family arrived so the BLC was still brimming with people, but we did not have such a structured and demanding schedule as normal. I love all the activities that come with teams but it was so nice to have some down time. On Thursday all of the girls went out and we got our hair cut/washed/deep-conditioned and then went out to dinner with the rest of the guys and various boys from the BLC. 

This week we have a church with us who is from where I am from! It’s cool to be able to be like “Oh I live over here…” and them know exactly what I’m talking about.

Anyways, so some highlights that I remember off of the top of my head:

Funny  conversations with boys at the life house (Quechua and French, anyone??)

Maximo calling me names but then making is brother let me sit with them on the bus on the way to church.

Abrazotes and besitos from little Edwin.

Jhonny always sitting with me at church so that I have a constant church-buddy.

Isaias spending more time with me this year.

Having a real conversation with Alejandro on the swings during the cook-out at the BLC.

David karate-kicking me all week but then always dancing merengue with me come Pizza night.

Right now I know I have a TON left but I can’t think of them because I’m talking to Angelina as I type this. 

Oh last minute thought! This week we have such a big team so 10 of us girls who are here (hosts, Hernandez girls, Escobar girls) have all moved into an empty dorm. It’s like being in “Annie” but without Carol Burnette feeding us cold mush. Or anything bad. It’s different but so much fun. 

I’ll try and get on here asap!!!


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