last day in Bolivia.

So my last day in Bolivia officially begins in about and hour and fifteen minutes.

I am not ready in any way, shape, or form.

Being here for two months has just made me fall so much more in love with everything here. I cannot get over the boys. They’re all so incredible. I just want to kiss on all of the little ones’ chubby cheeks and exchange joking insults/punches with the older boys.

These past two months have been an incredible period of growth and learning for me. The relationships I’ve formed with these boys has just been amazing. As it all draws to a close, the other hosts and I are writing cards to each boy. I realize that I may not be super close with every single one of them, but there are still so many who I have inside jokes with. When I am back in the US I will very surely flood this blog with photos and anecdotes.

Right now I must go to bed because tomorrow we head off to the lake at 8 am before coming back to spend the rest of the day with the boys. I love them all soooo much that it’s insane.


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