[one of] my brother(s).

That is Jhonny in all of those pictures and throughout my two months in Bolivia, he truly became my brother. And I can’t even put it into words why, because I really think it is a blessing from God.

I love all of the boys to death in the BLC but the reason I say that Jhonny is truly my brother is because we honestly have a very family-like connection.

He started it out by sitting with me in church every Saturday night and Sunday morning. But then he also began to tell me about girls and his friends at school. He’s told me a lot about what he wants to do in his future and about his faith in God. He’s told me so much about his life and it means so much to me that he wants to share with me like that.  And even though he’s five years younger than me, he keeps me strong in my faith because he is so strong in his.

He is the boy who when I tried to get a piggy-back ride from him, kicked out his foot so that we both smashed down onto the concrete and then laughed our butts off about it. I never had a brother growing up but he really has taught me what it is to have a brother.

All of the boys at the BLC are brothers to me. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Jhonny and I were somehow separated at birth (even though we were born five years apart). I know God has awesome plans for his life and I can’t wait to see them fall together.

I wish I had time to write about each and every one of the boys and my relationships with them, they’re all so unique and truly very special. I think next I’ll write about certain moments with several boys, because they really do have such a huge part of my heart.

I know that when I go on the mission trip, it’s to minister to the boys, but they do so much in me and my heart without even realizing the incredibly positive effect they have on me.

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