Goodbyes and manuals.

On my last full day in Bolivia I had a lot of heart-breaking moments. Those boys really are such heart-breakers because they are so precious and sweet and wut9t93qjtiqoewjrwioa I just LOVE them. Literally I feel the heart-bursting kind of love for them. I just want to take the little ones and kiss all over their chubby cheeks. The older boys I want to punch affectionately in the arm and have them call me “fea.” Yeah, we’re weird sometimes.

One of my heart-breaking moments was with little Edwin. He comes up to me and reaches out to me so I’ll pick him up. Looking me squarely in the eye he says “Are you leaving tomorrow?” and I said “Yes.” With that he just kept staring deep into my eyes and smoothed out my bangs and said “there, now it’s good,” and continued staring at me. This made me tear up (we’re really not supposed to tear up in front of the boys – I promise it only happened twice!) and he wrapped his arms around my neck and just hugged me.


Later that evening I found out Brian was taking some of the grandes out to pizza. I like Brian and I often tell Anna that he can stay at the BLC, mostly because he gave me chocolate without me even asking (thanks!) but then when I found out he was taking them to pizza I was like “NOOO!!”  because it was my last night. But I’m not a teenage boy. And I’m not a guy in my 20s. So I’m not cool. So obvs the pizza was much more appealing than hanging out talking to some lame 20 year girl who will probably punch you in the arm in an attempt to show affection the teenage-boy-way. Yeah.

But before they went Ramiro taught me (kind of) how to drive a manual! And to me that means so much because NO ONE has ever done that no matter how many times I ask! I ask this kid one time and he’s all like “Yeah, get in the drivers seat.”  Granted, we didn’t have the key or anything but he taught me all about shifting gears and which gear to use when. So it’s a start. And I’m so excited about it because now I don’t feel completely incompetent (although I’d probably still stall the car in real life) but anyways, it’s the thought that counts. We’re there to minister to those boys and be their mentors but how cool is it when THEY have a chance to teach US something? And it wasn’t even me faking like “ooh yeah so cool” but he really truly had the opportunity to teach me something I have no idea about. And I think that’s awesome.

Me and Ramiro being super fans of Wilstermann at the Wilstermann vs Bolivar game.

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