the beach, la playa, la plage.

Tomorrow, je vais a la playa.

That was me combining three languages there. Kinda awk.

Awk is also the most awkward abbreviation ever.

Anyways! So tomorrow I’m going to the beach so I’ll be taking a bit of a break from computer life other than organizing stuff for Fall Fest which I only have to do August 6th. Other than that I will be as far away from computers as humanly possible. 

I plan to lie on the beach and read “The Hole in Our Gospel” and not be so pale and drink fruity drinks.

One of the kids from the orphanage reminded me how much they love me there. I received a message saying “fea” (ugly) from him. I really thought I would miss being called ugly. And I really do miss it. So it was a nice message, even though his intent was to make fun of me, haha.

I’ll be backkkk lataaa alligataaas.


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