Hello, my whole body hurts.

So, in preparation for my upcoming travels (Finland in March, Mexico in May, and a cruise to Jamaica/Haiti/Mexico in June) I have decided to become ultra healthy.

I’ve never done that before.

I’ve gone through 3 month phases where I work out a lot, but really 12 weeks isn’t a lot. And I was like “Yeahhh let’s work out ALL THE TIME!! AND THEN EAT EVERYTHING!!” so while I wasn’t in bad shape, I just wasn’t toned.

I mean I think I look alright:

Yes or yes?

Haha, no just kidding. But really I do want to be more toned. Especially cos when I’m older, it will be easier to stay in shape if I’m already in shape.

But anyways, this is a weird rambling going on here.

Was that sentence grammatically correct?

I have no idea. My English is failing.

So my point is that I’m finally working out AND eating healthy.

And eating healthy is killing me. But it’s necessary.

Basically I’ve cut out desserts (I have to go cold turkey for the moment otherwise I’ll taste one bite of something and eat the whole box/thing/package), french fries, potato chips, goldfish (random, I know, but I can eat goldfish like no tomorrow), tortilla chips, queso (cheese dip), fried foods, and drinks that aren’t water.

I know I listed some fried stuff there then just blatantly said “fried foods” but shh. I’m also not going to eat bread at restaurants before meals. That’s my weakness.

And I’m looking at menus to get the healthiest options available. And I always substitute whole wheat for other breads.

It’s a pain in the butt. And I’m sitting here wanting to eat even though I know I’m not hungry, but my body is so used to me eating all the time so I have to wean myself off of that habit.

But hopefully this will be a good change! I’m eating lots of fruits and vegetables and greek yogurt. I don’t have a strict amount of calories I’m sticking to, but I am eating less calories than normal (because trust me, the amount of calories I normally eat is scary hahaha).

So yeah I’ll update you guys on my fitness a little bit and a lot on my travels!! School starts back Tuesday aaah. Gotta move to my apartment!


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