Where have you been allllllllll my liiiiife?

Apparently not on the internet, that’s where.

I have officially moved into my apartment with my other three lovely roommates and have been adjusting to that plus classes plus two jobs. No pressure or anything, right?

My travel plans are getting confusing and costly. 😦 As you guys all know, I have already purchased a ticket to Finland where I will be in March to visit my beautiful friend, Jutta, to dance salsa (yep, salsa), to learn how to ski, and hopefully to see the Northern Lights!

I am currently trying to figure out when the best time for me to to go to Bolivia is and when the best time for me to go to Mexico is.

One of my current jobs is nannying so I have to figure out if I have to work through May or not. If so, then I will be going (I hope) to Mexico in December! And Bolivia in July? I just have to budget, budget, budget.

Once I settle into classes a bit more I will get more exciting, I promise.

If you want some blah (but exciting for me!) news then here goes nada:

1. Today I went to church! I went to The Summit Church and it was pretty baller, I’m not going to lie. I also saw Tyler Zeller there and James McAdoo. Hellooooooo UNC basketball players.Yes, I know Tyler graduated, don’t remind me. D: I’m going to miss our four starters from the past two years dearly. I already do.

2. I will be catering the UNC football games! Yay! It will be a lot of time on my feet, but a really awesome experience.

3. Speaking of time on my feet ^^^ I mentioned that because I currently have a puncture wound right smackdab in the middle of my right foot! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I stepped on my phone charger (the prongs, obviously) as I was cleaning my room and they so kindly inserted themselves into my poor foot. Now I have to limp around everywhere and change the dressings so my foot doesn’t rot off.

4. My nanny job is awesoooooooome.

5. Reading “The Hole in Our Gospel” is also awesoooooome. Everyone should check it out, regardless of your faith, because it makes a great point about how we could do so much more to help out others, yet fail to do so.

6. I’m currently marinating chicken (for the first time ever) on my own. What is this? So crazy.

Well, I’m going to go watch episode 4 of season 1 of Gossip Girl! Can’t believe I let myself start watching it, haha.



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