back to life, back to MEXICO.



I bought a ticket to MEXICO! (Shocking, right?)


On the 27th of December I my butt will finally be in MONTERREY. For 3 hours. THEN I will be in Guadalajara! And last but not least PUERTO VALLARTA. ❤

Yes, I know Puerto Vallarta is more American than it is Mexican. Except not when I’m there. ‘Cos I’m going to stay with my lovely Mexican friend, Amy and her family! Our friend Pichis (not his real name, haha, everyone in Mexico has nicknames) is going to meet me in Guadalajara and we will head over to Puerto Vallarta together.

I am so happyyyyy. Yeeeeeeeeeiii!! (That’s Spanish for “yay” haha).

I’ll be hitting up many cities while I’m there, including Aguascalientes and Queretaro, of course!!

I know I’ve been absent a lot, but really my blogging would mostly consist of my nanny-ing, my essay writing (or better, my essay procrastinating), and my midterm-taking. And my catering job which requires a lot of standing up (eight hours to be exact) so now I am rather accustomed to it which is crazy but I consistently roll my feet over a tennis ball to offset all that standing. Obviously my life is crazy exciting.

It’s funny cos a lot of my friends don’t understand how I pay for all my traveling.

Here is my tip: I don’t spend money on other things.

I mean I do.

But what I do is I put x amount each week in savings, x amount in checking, and allot x amount for traveling! It’s wonderful, really.

Now I am back to doing all my readings for my global studies class (Communist Manifesto, here I come…eugh) but I will be back to update about my impending travels to MEXICO and Finland.


Nos vemooos. 🙂

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