where has all the motivation gone

and where is all the sleep?


My spin on that song didn’t work too well. Alas. With the month of October comes beautiful weather, sweaters, boots, tights, mellowcreme pumpkins, Halloween…and tests tests tests and essays essays essays. D:

Good news: I made a 98 on my Spanish presentation whooooooo.

Bad news: I have a 5 page paper due Thursday and a midterm that day plus I recently turned in the worst essay I’ve EVER WRITTEN. D:

I love my university. I love most of my professors. I even enjoy 3 out of my 5 classes. But I hate that in October every professor is like “lol so I know you guys have fall break coming up…let’s ALL ASSIGN WORK AND MIDTERMS AND GIVE YOU ALL OF THE STRESS”


because all I can think of is MEXICO. Buying my ticket early on saved me money but now it’s all I can think of. 2 months, 19 days, 7 hours, 33 minutes until I’m there. Not like I’m counting down or anything though…


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