Floss is not of God.

I hate floss. 

It used to be my best friend. Saving me from gingivitis and cavities. Now I can only see it as evil.

You’re probably wondering why.

Well, friends…as it so happens, a small plastic box of floss fell into my toilet AS the water was flushing down into the abyss of the pipes. I thought the floss had made it through, but it got caught somewhere in the toilet. I plunged and plunged and plunged but to no avail. Flushing the toilet made the water rise steadily to the top and then would slowly drain out, but I knew if this happened to a guest of mine they’d freak out and flush multiple times thus resulting in my bathroom being flooded.

Conveniently my parents came up today to fix a chair and hang out with me at delicious Mama Dips. They tried one of those snake things and it didn’t do anything to this box of floss. They even took the toilet off and tried to get it from that direction but to no avail. D: 

So we replaced the toilet. Freaking $98 box of floss. 

I know that had nothing to do with travel. But I wanted to put that out there to the world cos I know some people successfully got plastic unstuck from a toilet but mine ended up costing us a whole new toilet. At least my parents installed it themselves so we didn’t have to pay someone to do it for us. Right?

Also, since it’s November I do wanna do this things I’m grateful for list!


I’ll do the past 4 days to make up for lost time.

1 November – I’m thankful that my boo thang Kyle came up for Halloween and that we can have fun doing anything, including just watching scary movies and eating Mexican food rather than going out.

2 November – I’m thankful that there was no line at JiffyLube so I got in and out of there super fast and my car is good on oil for another 7500 miles.

3 November – I’m thankful for running into my friend James who I haven’t seen in 3 years, plus that resulting in me discovering the band Mipso who is REALLY AWESOME. 

4 November – I’m thankful for my parents who do so much for me. From fixing my furniture to my toilet to just being awesome and loving me. 😀 They give me so many opportunities.

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