the number 21.

I meant to post this before midnight because that would have meant only 21 days until I am in Mexico again. But alas, it’s now the 7th so there’s only 20 days!

I also turned 21 last week.

Sooo yeah.

No more X’s on my hands at any place that checks ID. Being 21 feels weird because I mostly feel like I just turned 12. I get that now I can buy alcohol and book a cruise and I think that’s it…but I still feel like a little kid. Just a little kid who can buy a bottle of wine as I browse Royal Caribbean looking for a cruise I want to book.

My birthday celebration was great though. The night of my birthday (at midnight) my friends and I went out and I had my birthday tiara and everything. One of my absolute best friends came up from Charlotte and it made my night so incredible. Kyle and I have been friends since we were 15 and 14 and I love him to death.

On the actual day of my birthday we went out to a Mexican restaurant so I could order a margarita. 🙂 It was fun and low key and just perfect.

And my 21st birthday present to myself is, of course, a trip to Mexico! I can’t wait!! It doesn’t feel real at all, especially with how rapidly it’s approaching. Exams start next week which is making it hard for me to just really slow down and appreciate the holidays. But I’m going to DC tomorrow and that will be a nice break. Everyone keeps saying I’m crazy for going to DC right before exams start and I understand but my exams are all based on the reading – so as long as I can complete the reading then I am good to go. Also, Portuguese is my first exam and I’m not worried about it at all.

Well, I feel like my writing is kind of boring right now but I’m finally feeling sleepy. I saw a cockroach which kicked me into high energy mode but now my sleepiness is catching up.

Stay tuned for posts on DC and Mexico. 🙂

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