some holiday time thoughts and ramblings:

1. I definitely strained my lower back at the gym two days ago when I decided it was a great idea to pick up 45 pounds with my left arm to carry across the gym. It felt fine today but then I was doing tricep dips and the pain came back. Go me. -__- Anyone have any stretches for it? I promise I won’t sue you if I end up further injuring myself. I mean after I strained my back I went and did my ab exercises and then biked 3 miles and ran a mile and a half on the treadmill, so obviously I don’t know what’s good for me, haha.

2. Last night I went salsa dancing which was awesome except the large amount of guys who asked me to go home with them. I mean I was sitting down and some guy comes up and without even introducing himself says “hey wanna bounce?”  yeah…cos I definitely want to go home with some guy who I don’t know, not to mention that he can’t even INTRODUCE himself. Very creepy. Needless to say, I just started pretending to not really speak English mentioning in a weird accent I had to go home with my friend Pilar cos I came to the club with her.

3. Christmas is in 3 days and I need to wrap presents. But my back hurting is creating a problem with that. AAAAH. I love wrapping presents. Why have I procrastinated so much?

4. Oh yeah, because my family just moved. Merry Christmas break we moved houses. I knew this was coming but it’s still hard to find motivation to unpack everything.

5. Especially because I have to pack to go to Mexico in 5 days whooo. So packing while unpacking during Christmas time is complicated. Cos I keep buying gifts so my room just keeps getting messier and messier which sucks cos it’s stressing me out.

6. I really want to finish watching season 6 of Dexter. Right now.

7. So my friend…let’s just call him JS – if he doesn’t come to Aguascalientes I’ll be so sad. I tried not to get my hopes up about him coming but they are way way way up. Yeahyeah I can’t lie about it.

8. I want a manicure and a pedicure so bad butttt I don’t think it’s very economical for me to pay for that when I’m leaving the country next week and will definitely want to be able to spend money.

9. Everyone still thinks I’m crazy for going back to Mexico. meh

10. Merry Christmas! 🙂 and happy holidays.

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