the perks of traveling




My flight has now been delayed. So delayed in fact, that if I were to get on said flight – I would miss my connecting flight to Mexico. Luckily, with the airline I’m flying I was able to change my flight free of charge, but it’s still so stressful.

What if I hadn’t been awake when that e-mail was sent? eughh. Last minute changes stress me out.

You guys would be impressed by the amount of stuff I fit into my suitcases. I hate checking bags so I’m just bringing carry on stuff. In one duffel bag I somehow fit two pairs of five inch heels plus four dresses plus jeggings plus a bikini plus ~12 tops give or take.

I’m just really impressed about the two pairs of five inch heels mixed in with all of my clothing. Not to mention in my other suitcase I have another pair of five inch heels. Are you getting a vibe? Shoes are my priority.

Also, miraculously, in my quart sized bag I’ve fit shampoo, conditioner, face wash, sunscreen, toothpaste, moisturizer, heat protector for when I straighten my hair, a UV protector so my hair doesn’t fade in the sun, and perfume. I think that’s it. haha. I’m the master of shoving things into bags. I’m so skilled…right?

lol not.

I’m so excited for this vacation though. I’m going to continue praying that my trip is safe and that my flights stay the same and that I get to Mexico in a timely manner so I can get to my bus to go to Puerto Vallarta. Did I mention I won’t arrive in Puerto Vallarta until 4 am?

It’s going to be cray.

I should go to bed now. :X

Aaah I’m so excited to be there I don’t know how I’m going to sleep.

I guess the plus side of my flight being changed is that I only have 1 layover but I was really hoping to go through immigration in Monterrey so I wasn’t in a rush to get to my bus in Guadalajara. Butttt we shall see. I could have left RDU late afternoon to minimize my layover in Atlanta but I’d rather just go ahead and leave here in the morning to ensure that I am actually traveling and in the air and whatnot, haha.

I’ll be back to update my blog in January! See you guys in the new year. 🙂

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