Serendipitous Friendships

You know how you have a lot of friends whom of which you can’t remember exactly how you met? You know that somewhere along the way you clicked and have since maintained a bond.

I can’t remember exactly how I met most of my friends. But with Oscar that’s not the case. And I apologize if I’ve talked about this before, but I think our friendship is awesome.

When I first went down to Aguascalientes in December of 2011, I accompanied my friend Ally to her first day of class in January. No one spoke to me, partly because no one thought I spoke Spanish (Ally used to live in the US so we always spoke English together) and partly because people were too busy staring at me in confusion.

Towards the end of the day Ally briefly left to go speak to her friend and I stood there, in the middle if the hallway at the university, rather awkwardly. And then this kid comes up to me and starts talking to me. 

We spoke very briefly and I remember being kind of sad that I wouldn’t get to ever see him again, since I wouldn’t be coming back to Ally’s school. 

And I didn’t go back. I moved down to Queretaro for study abroad and visited Ally again in February, but after her school got out for the weekend. Then randomly in March, I went back to visit Ally and went to school with her again. We got invited to a carne asada and I got to hang out with Oscar again. 

ImageHe’s in between the guy in the blue shirt and the girl in the coral and black in the first row where people are standing. I’m the only gringa, hahaha.

He taught me how to dance to banda, which is a type of Mexican music that has its roots in polka. It’s very popular, especially at the fair, which I will be going to next month. 

That was the last time I saw him while I was studying abroad.

This last time when I went back to Mexico, he KNEW I was going to be in Puerto Vallarta. He also knew he would be in Vallarta with his family, but he didn’t tell me until the day I got there. He says he didn’t want to tell me he’d be there in case it would be impossible that we’d see each other, but I still think it was pretty awesome and a great surprise.




He left Vallarta before I did, but I went to Aguascalientes a few days later and we hung out there too.




I just think the story of our friendship is really cool. Because in January of 2012 I thought I’d never see him again and I’ve seen him several times since, not to mention that I’ll see him in 26 days. 😀


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