Dating bad airlines.

Sometimes, a delayed flight feels like less of a hassle and more like your boyfriend or girlfriend was keeping a big secret from you.

Today I am due to fly out to Querétaro to begin my internship. It starts Monday so I’d have the whole weekend between me and Monday to relax and see some friends.

My flight out of CLT was supposed to leave at 8:30 am. Right now it’s past 9 and I’m sitting in my living room, so obviously that didn’t happen.

Last night I checked that my flight was on time. Everything was good. And I know this next sequence of events is due to weather and FAA regulations saying crew must get 8 hours of sleep etc etc, but it still stressed me out nonetheless.

At 2:26 am (as I was peacefully sleeping) I received an e-mail saying “We apologize for this interruption in your travel plans. We are in the process of rebooking you for the best available flight.”

I didn’t see this.

At 5:30 am (when I was still asleep) I get a call saying “Your flight time has been changed. You are confirmed on a flight from Atlanta at 5:57 pm arriving to Monterrey, Mexico at 7:51 pm.”

The problem?

My flight from Monterrey to Querétaro leaves at 8:15 pm.

Did my airline REALLY think that 24 minutes (assuming we arrive AT 7:51 PM ON THE DOT) is enough time to A) fight my way off a crowded plane B) go through immigration C) get my checked luggage D) go through customs E) recheck my bag F) go back through security and G) make it to my gate in time to board?

-__- Even if Mexico isn’t like the US (in the sense that if the country is your final destination, you have to pick up and recheck your luggage even if that state isn’t your final destination) and you remove steps C, E, and F…pffffff. NO WAY.

Not to mention that even though the airline offered to book alternate flights for free, there were no other flights from Monterrey to Querétaro today. The best I could have gotten would have been tomorrow morning. I’m not really feeling sleeping in the Monterrey airport, nor do I think it’s the best idea to venture out to find a hotel since shootings are relatively common in Monterrey. Not in hotels, but just in general. I know I wouldn’t be a target, but you never know if you’d get caught in the crossfire.

This is where my relationship analogy comes in. If my airline had just called me at 2:30 am (yes, disturbing my sleep, but making me aware of the need to change my flight) then I wouldn’t be upset. Instead, they were sneaking around trying to fix it and ultimately couldn’t, thus leaving me to freak out.

Luckily, I was able to get my airline to cover my new ticket (sucks to suck, airline, haha) so I am leaving CLT at 2:30 today and will only have one layover and then arrive and hour and a half earlier than planned to Querétaro.  🙂

Ohh the joys of traveling.

Would you prefer that your airline leave your sleep undisturbed throughout the night if they knew your flight would be delayed to the point of missing your connection? I guess the question is would you rather deal with it as soon as possible or just wait til later?

Stuff like that stresses me out so I prefer to get it over with, but I know some people don’t mind waiting since the outcome is usually the same.

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