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A Fantastic Journey through Finland via Fotos

do you like my alliteration? Even though I had to spell photos the Spanish way?

I thought so. 😛

Tampere, Finland



(Overview of the city)

Image(Me and Jutta standing on a frozen over lake – Näsijärvi.)

Lapland (Levi, Finland)

Image(Seidi, Jutta, me – all at After Ski)


(me obviously being a professional snowboarder – so professional that the first time I went down the hill I had to hold the instructors hands for dear life, hahaha)


(look ma, no hands!)


(we felt so badass and I loved it. SNOWBOARDING IS SO AWESOME!!)




(Did someone order a pizza?)

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Ice-swimming in Finland

So I realized I am a terrible person cos I haven’t updated my blog since…well let’s not talk about that. ANYWAYS, between now and the last time I updated my blog, I went to Finland.

And I want to start off by telling you guys about the last big activity I did.

Which was ice-swimming.

In case you’re wondering what ice-swimming is, well, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

You go to a frozen over lake where they maintain a hole meant for swimming. The temperature is 33 F (+1 C) and it feels like DEATH. 

This is how we do itttttttttt (yes, Backstreet Boys reference) 

First we arrive to ice-swimming place and pay 7 euros, because you have to pay money to do this (I know, I thought I’d be getting paid to do it haha) and you go sit in the sauna. Normally the sauna is 185 F and more (+85 C) but alas THIS sauna was not hot enough at all.

Then you run down to the lake, go down the stairs, get in, get out, run back to sauna. 




The first picture is me getting in the water, the second is me getting back out.


I mean honestly when I stepped in the water my thought was literally “I am certainly going to have a heart attack.” 

I thought I was going to need a defibrillator.

I just imagined my body on the snow, my friends around me going “CLEAR!” and shocking me with those paddles of said defibrillator.

Anyways, I’m a very dramatic person.

There is a picture up to my neck in the water but it is a highly unflattering picture of my face so I’m resisting putting it up right now, but I was clinging to the railing for dear life because even though I swam varsity in high school, I was POSITIVE that I would have drowned had I let go of the railing.

Rather than “and in that moment I swear we were infinite” it was a “and in that moment I swear I was going to drown/freeze to death/turn into an ice cube and sink to the bottom of this lake even though ice floats” kind of moment.

But don’t worry! I survived it and I have lots more to tell about Finland and Mexico! Probably going to Mexico in ~7 weeks!

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A Change of Pace

I realize that anyone who reads this blog expects me to be in Latin America at all times (or planning a trip to Latin America…or daydreaming of Latin America) which totally makes sense. Upon returning from the beach today, I spent a good four hours looking for jobs in Mexico. I still have two years before I finish school and I can’t stop looking for employment opportunities on the off chance that they’d be willing to discuss employment two years in advance. Nine months in advance is reasonable, but twenty months is kinda cray.

Anyways. I’m going off on a tangent.

While I was at the beach (which was lovely) I purchased a ticket to go to FINLAND.

Why Finland, you ask?

Well, to see my beautiful friend, Jutta! 

We met while studying abroad and she is now a sister to me. Her boyfriend introduced us because I met him at the extracurricular fair at Tec while Jutta was sick and later we all went out for coffee with some friends and BAM instead sister-connection.

I’ve actually been to Finland previously, but only for one day! Which is no time at all. 

I will be heading to lovely Helsinki, Lapland, and Tampere in March! Hopefully I’ll see the northern lights! There’s also a salsa club Jutta wants to take me to (ah, memories of Mexico) and perhaps we’ll go to the icebar (everything completely made out of ice).

For now I’m super exhausted but so pumped to talk about my plans for Finland, Mexico, and Bolivia soon! As well as past travels there. 🙂

If you could work in any other country where would you work?? Why?? 🙂

P.S If anyone knows of employment opportunities in Mexico, hook a sista up! 🙂 haha

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