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from Mexico with Love


Today I got the letter that Oscar sent me. 🙂 I wrote him a letter on the plane back to the US and I guess now we’ve started a letter exchange thing. It’s so old-fashioned and cute and makes me happy. 🙂 

Because getting something in the mail really is the best.

I promise I’ll talk more about my trip soon!! 



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the end of the world can’t stop me.

I have a lot a lot a lot of exciting news but I’d like to take a moment to just say that my heart goes out to all of those who were affected by this tragedy in Connecticut. I’ve been praying a lot for them. It’s hard for me to say more because I cannot honestly wrap my mind around it. It’s so baffling that it feels fake. Like some kind of sick joke. So please remember the beautiful children and employees who were killed in this tragic shooting and please keep their families in your thoughts/prayers/hearts since a light has just gone off in their lives. 

I feel weird going to talk on about happy things after bringing that up. But I couldn’t just NOT bring up what happened at Sandy Hook either. If anything, I’m trying to slow down and be super grateful for everything.

And something I’ve realized is how amazing travel is. Not everyone has the opportunity to do it. But I promise you traveling is worth it, if you have time and no major obligations keeping you from traveling – do it. 

Traveling for me has established crazy connections all across the globe. I can stay in several countries for free with natives who I am close to.

That’s crazy. 

My Chinese friend who has lived in France for the past four years is currently in Colombia visiting a guy she started dating in Mexico. What? It’s incredible.

In March I’m going to Finland to stay with some friends who I met in Mexico. In the fall my friend from France may be coming to study abroad at my university.

And in 10 days I’ll be back in Mexico.

I am so excited and overjoyed that words really can’t express it. I was feeling kind of down in the midst of exams (they ended for me last Thursday) but ultimately…Mexico is my second home and most of my close friends are there. I have lots of close friends in the United States, but my friends in Mexico are a different kind of friends.

They put up with my accent in Spanish – because even though I speak Spanish fluently I still trip over words and my gringa accent comes through when I’m speaking rapid fire Spanish to keep up with them. They let me stay in their homes for days on end and provided me with meals and transportation. Obviously if we went out or in taxi all costs were split, but whatever food was in their house – was mine to eat too and whoever had cars drove me around.

My plan right now is to go to Puerto Vallarta for about 6 days before going to Aguascalientes. In Aguascalientes my novio falso might visit. He told me this last night and I am sooooooooooooo happy. I mean, it’s not even confirmed so I really shouldn’t get my hopes up. But if I see him I will die from happiness because trying to get to see him has been the most complicated part of this trip thus far so the fact that he’s trying to come down to see me is so exciting.

And yeah.

I’m just really happy.

Even if the world ends on Friday, you best believe I’m still going to Mexico on the 27th.

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where are we going?

TO QUERETARO! Do do do do do do do Doraaaa.

Dora la exploradoraaa.

Fah realz guys I bought my bus ticket!

Please take note that I am flying to Aguascalientes (with a 4 hour layover in Mexico City) and staying there for a week. Then taking a bus from Aguas to Queretaro.

There are two things I’m extremely nervous about with my trip.

1. My luggage. I am terrified of checking bags.

2. Being on a bus in a foreign country ALONE for 4.5 hours.

As lame as this sounds…I really hope there’s wifi on the bus so I’ll feel connected to my friends in the US.

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