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anyone out there have some good traveling tips?

hi guys, I just got back from Mexico on Monday (boooo 😦 😦 take me back!) and my friend and I are officially crazy.

We’ve decided (tentatively, of course) that we want to take a year and travel the world together, if possible.

See the problem is I graduate in May of 2014 and he will graduate in April of 2015. This would give me time to work for a year and earn money, but I am wondering if any of you have particular tips or suggestions for jobs that you can do for a year or other ways (such as fundraising, not anything sketchy haha) to earn money to travel.

I am looking into the possibility of nannying full-time for that year. I’ve been a nanny for years so I’m definitely qualified. I’m a nanny now. Just part time cos of school. 

So anyways, I guess here are my questions and I’m hoping you guys can help (even though I don’t have tons of followers yet, just a bunch of awesome people)

1. What would you recommend doing to earn the money to travel the world? I will have approximately a year where I can work full-time and earn money, but keep in mind I will have to make other payments such as food/gas/rent. 

2. Unless I move back home with my parents. Should I live with them for a year to save several thousand dollars? I’d only 23 by the time I left, so it’s not like I’d be a middle-aged person who never made any attempt to leave, living in their basement only playing video games. I’d be working and stuff.

3. Has anyone ever traveled the world? How much did it cost approximately? My friend and I want to go to South America, Japan, Russia, and several other parts of Europe (I just mentioned Russia specifically cos that’s the only for-sure). 

4. Are there any resources I should look into for tips on traveling? (i.e any Lonely Planet guides or anything??) 


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