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Actually going to Mexico

I know I am an absentee blogger when school is in and it’s quite awful, but I try not to bore you guys with the details of my mundane day to day life.

But in 8 days I am headed to Mexico again so I think that’s pretty exciting. Because I will see my friend, Oscar, whom of which I wrote about in my last post.

I am going back to LA FERIA DE SAN MARCOS! And I promise this time I will take more pictures than last year to share with you guys.

Also I have officially secured an internship in Mexico this year and I will share more information on that as the time gets closer. But basically I’ll be in Mexico for six weeks this summer, interning and then going to travel around a bit and see friends.

Tonight however, I am going to my first ever MMA class to try and relieve some of the stress that my exams are causing me. I am very excited about it! 😀

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