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La werita takes Mexico.

Hi guys! Soo when I said “I’ll write about it tomorrow” after all my frustration…well, apparently “tomorrow” meant “in a few days.” Oops. Sorry. I have been sucked into American Horror Story and Pretty Little Liars was on last night and and and…yeah. I’ve run out of excuses.

But okay! So let me try and write about the full trip, but if it’s too long I’ll divvy this into two posts.

You guys already heard about my flight fiasco where everything got all cray.

So anyways, on my flight to Guadalajara I met this woman and her beautiful baby girl on my flight, her and her husband’s story is really devastating and I’m really hoping they can be together here.

Okay, let me get my thoughts together for a second..sorry, I just did Insanity so I’m dying a little bit, haha.

Man I wish WordPress would have saved my post when I first wrote it, it was awesome. -__-

Pero así es la vida. C’est la vie. Whatevs.

I arrived to Guadalajara around 8 pm when I was supposed to arrive at 4:30 pm. I took a taxi to the bus station (270 FREAKING PESOS, PEOPLE! That was more than my bus ticket to Puerto Vallarta FIVE HOURS AWAY) and the whole time the taxi driver was trying to convince me to let him drive me to Vallarta for a small fee of $300 USD. Yeah right. I’m a poor college student.

Unfortunately the bus did not leave Guadalajara until 11:00 pm so I just chilled in the station for a while being the only gringa there. Blah blah blah bus bus bus and I arrived in Vallarta at 5 am. Lovely. Nothing like sleeping on a bus that is zipping at a scary-fast speed through the mountains of Mexico.

Pichis (real name, Ricardo) and Amy’s dad picked me up and we all went back to the house, Amy greeted me all super excited squealing and whatnot and then we promptly went to bed cos I’d been traveling for 20 hours. We actually woke up early the next day so Pichis, Amy, and I hopped on the bus to go to Punta de Mita in Nayarit which is the state next to Jalisco.

We all suck at surfing, but it’s so much fun so I really didn’t care. I could spend all day in the water. Anything related to the water, I love it. Except maybe fishing. That comes off as a bit boring to me, haha.

Once we got back to Vallarta, I had a bazillion missed calls and texts on my American phone. I left my phone in the house all day turned on airplane mode but I had to check it to tell my parents I was still alive so that’s how that all popped up. 

It was a really pleasant surprise though – my friend Óscar was in Vallarta too! He knew I was coming to Vallarta and he knew HE was going with HIS family, but he didn’t tell me until I got there. 

So Saturday we all met up (me, Pichis, Óscar, Amy, and Óscar’s cousin, Omar) to just chill at a restaurant on the beach, eat, swim, fight the giant waves of the Pacific.


And in the evening we all met up AGAIN to go danciiiiing. I love dancing. 😀 We went to La Vaquita and Mandala. I suck at taking pictures though so I don’t have a lot. I honestly need a photographer to follow me around so I have documentation of what I do in my life.

ImageIn La Vaquita 


The next day Óscar and his family had to return home sooo it was just me, Amy, and Pichis again.

Word to the wise – don’t hang out with a couple. It will drive you nuts. I love Pichis AND I love Amy but sometimes I just wanted to stab my eyeballs with a spoon.

Apart from that, my time there was awesome. We went to Nayarit again with Amy’s [almost] entire family to Rancho Grande Los Pinos and spent the whole day swimming and picnicking and lying in the sun (well, I was in the sun, there rest were in the shade haha). We’re opposites – I want to be darker and Amy wants to be lighter.  I also finished “Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness” which was awesome. 

Here’s a picture of the place we went to, courtesy of their website, haha.

Also if you’re wondering why I titled this post “la werita takes Mexico” it’s just cos I felt like it. And all my friends call me wera/werita/gringa (or more properly spelled güera/güerita, buttttt I have been heavily influenced by my friends in the way that I write in Spanish haha).

I feel like my vacation sounds boring in retrospect but I promise it was awesome – I just don’t do touristy things while I’m there cos I’m with my friends and I’ve done the whole tourist shtick before when I studied abroad in Mexico.

Oooh! New Years! Okay New Years will be my stopping point then I’ll fill you guys in on the rest of my trip.

We spent New Years with Amy’s whole family and it was so much fun. We spent the night dancing at her cousin’s house and eating grapes (at midnight you have to eat some grapes and for every grape make 2 wishes or something like that, it made no sense to me haha) and tamaleeeeees and champagne! And I already showed you guys the photos from that. 🙂 

Next up will be my trip to Aguascalientes and Querétaro so I should talk about that tomorrow…or you know, in a few days. haha 🙂




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vamos con todo a PUERTO VALLARTA.

This past weekend we had a lovely 5 day break so my friends and I headed out to an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta. My friend, Gon, somehow found some incredible deal from Clickonero that was 1000 pesos for two nights all-inclusive in the Vamar Vallarta.

I honestly thought we were going to arrive and have the receptionist tell us “Oh sorry, that was a scam.” But it WASN’T. Still in shock.

Last Thursday night we hopped on a bus to Puerto Vallarta. 10 hours later we were there bright and early at 6 am (about half of the group). My friend Amy met up with us and took us to this incredible breakfast in the city center.

My camera, unfortunately, died a tragic death in Aguascalientes (as I mentioned before) so I don’t have a lot of photos. They’re all what I stole from my friends and my friends who took the most photos still haven’t uploaded them. Waah.

At 12:00 on Friday we got our wristbands and let the unlimited drinking and eating begin. I probably gained 3403284912 pounds with all of the piña coladas and margaritas that I consumed. And that’s alright. 


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we literally spent ALL day in the pool. There was a swim-up bar. It was so ballin’. I’m quite tan now. 

Friday night we went to a club called Mandala which was cool but they kept playing electronic music and I hate dancing to that kind of stuff. Saturday night was better because we split up our time at night between Mandala and another club/bar called La Vaquita.



Saturday we had the pleasure (bleck) of watching several wasted people make fools of themselves. First it started with some woman in her 40s who drank way too much. She puked all over the pool deck and then her husband/boyfriend/friend/whoever just wrapped her in some towels and went back to the bar. She was literally in this half-dead state just gagging on her pool chair and he would only come back occasionally to check her pulse. Great guy.

A few minutes later some woman in her 30s/40s was stumbling all around the pool deck. Her family kept trying to push her into the hotel room (she had a first floor room, so her patio faced the pool) and she was just blatantly refusing. 

We (and some Mexican women) started chanting “QUEREMOS SHOW! QUEREMOS SHOW!” (We want a show!) Her family was not amused, lolz.

However, her family liked us later cos we gave them all micheladas that my friend actually ordered instead of Cubas. Micheladas = beer mixed with lime, tomato juice, and chile. Cubas are just rum and coke.


Later that night we were at the bar waiting to go out when this guy just starts puking everywhere (sorry this isn’t the most pleasant blog entry, I know). He was sitting at the bar with his face burrowed in his arm, glass in hand, and he just throws up all over the floor and his pants. It was gross. And then people kept stepping in it. Ew.

Then to top off the night some Mexican dude comes up and is like “OMG WHY DO YOU GUYS SPEAK SPANISH?!” and just being really obnoxious in general. So finally I yell at him “WHY THE * EXPLETIVE* DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?!” and he was just like “uhh…video games.” And we were like “Well, we speak Spanish A) because we’re in Mexico and B) because 3 of the people here are from Spain or Argentina.” Then he kept speaking to my Argentinian friends in English. And they were like “WE ARE FROM ARGENTINA.” Then he kept speaking English to my friend from Brazil. Major problem cos my Brazilian friend doesn’t speak English!

We told this guy that I was from South Africa and that Brett (another American) was as well and that we’re cousins. Then we proceeded to say that Paloma (from Argentina who is 23) was my niece because my (older and nonexistent) sister moved to Argentina and fell in love/eloped and had a baby. 

The guy was crazy cos I’m pretty sure he believed it. 

But yeah between the 14 of us there were 10 countries represented. The Mexican guy was just obnoxious though because he was like “OMG YOU GUYS ARE SO FOREIGN AND COOL! I WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND!” And then he told me he’s darker than me. And I am definitely darker than him. So Idk what that was about.

Anyways, my Sunday evening was more chill because I spent the night at Amy’s house. We went to Starbucks, the movies, and just relaxed. Monday we headed up to Punta de Mita in Nayarit and learned (kind of) to paddle board surf, whatever it’s called. I was so bad at it, regular surfing is easier for me, haha.

I wish one of us had a camera, but alas we don’t so I have no documentation of that day. =/

Well, now I should go work on my essay 4 pages down, 6 to go. Until next time. 🙂

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