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A Fantastic Journey through Finland via Fotos

do you like my alliteration? Even though I had to spell photos the Spanish way?

I thought so. 😛

Tampere, Finland



(Overview of the city)

Image(Me and Jutta standing on a frozen over lake – Näsijärvi.)

Lapland (Levi, Finland)

Image(Seidi, Jutta, me – all at After Ski)


(me obviously being a professional snowboarder – so professional that the first time I went down the hill I had to hold the instructors hands for dear life, hahaha)


(look ma, no hands!)


(we felt so badass and I loved it. SNOWBOARDING IS SO AWESOME!!)




(Did someone order a pizza?)

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Ice-swimming in Finland

So I realized I am a terrible person cos I haven’t updated my blog since…well let’s not talk about that. ANYWAYS, between now and the last time I updated my blog, I went to Finland.

And I want to start off by telling you guys about the last big activity I did.

Which was ice-swimming.

In case you’re wondering what ice-swimming is, well, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

You go to a frozen over lake where they maintain a hole meant for swimming. The temperature is 33 F (+1 C) and it feels like DEATH. 

This is how we do itttttttttt (yes, Backstreet Boys reference) 

First we arrive to ice-swimming place and pay 7 euros, because you have to pay money to do this (I know, I thought I’d be getting paid to do it haha) and you go sit in the sauna. Normally the sauna is 185 F and more (+85 C) but alas THIS sauna was not hot enough at all.

Then you run down to the lake, go down the stairs, get in, get out, run back to sauna. 




The first picture is me getting in the water, the second is me getting back out.


I mean honestly when I stepped in the water my thought was literally “I am certainly going to have a heart attack.” 

I thought I was going to need a defibrillator.

I just imagined my body on the snow, my friends around me going “CLEAR!” and shocking me with those paddles of said defibrillator.

Anyways, I’m a very dramatic person.

There is a picture up to my neck in the water but it is a highly unflattering picture of my face so I’m resisting putting it up right now, but I was clinging to the railing for dear life because even though I swam varsity in high school, I was POSITIVE that I would have drowned had I let go of the railing.

Rather than “and in that moment I swear we were infinite” it was a “and in that moment I swear I was going to drown/freeze to death/turn into an ice cube and sink to the bottom of this lake even though ice floats” kind of moment.

But don’t worry! I survived it and I have lots more to tell about Finland and Mexico! Probably going to Mexico in ~7 weeks!

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from Mexico with Love


Today I got the letter that Oscar sent me. 🙂 I wrote him a letter on the plane back to the US and I guess now we’ve started a letter exchange thing. It’s so old-fashioned and cute and makes me happy. 🙂 

Because getting something in the mail really is the best.

I promise I’ll talk more about my trip soon!! 



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28 Days Later

or like…12 days later. same thing. kinda.

Sorry but can’t say I didn’t warn you guys that “tomorrow”  can mean any time within the calendar year. :X 

Can I start with some good news?

I WILL BE INTERNING IN MEXICO THIS SUMMER!! CHICKA CHICKA YEEEEAH. I didn’t really talk about it a lot cos I didn’t wanna jinx it but I just got my acceptance letter! 😀 😀 😀 😀

I’m so pumped!! I was honestly worried cos the summer after junior year is often seen as crucial for internships but because of my sister’s graduation plus the baller cruise we’re going on as her graduation gift, I won’t be available during much of June. Luckily for me, my internship is flexible and can start in July because that’s when I’m available so I will still get this awesome opportunity.

I’ll reveal more details later.

Anyways! So Aguascalientes and Querétaro.

I headed back to Aguascalientes alone and 2 days before Pichis because I was tired of being with my friends alone seeing as they were a couple and that got really old really fast, but I still love them haha. 

I stayed in the Marriott Aguascalientes for two nights before I went to stay with Alex the other two but let me tell you:

That hotel is BALLER. Look at the view from the penthouse balcony area:

I took that Thursday night after I spent the whole day with Óscar. Óscar, being the amazing person he is came to my hotel at 11 am Thursday to spend the whole day with me so I wouldn’t be alone since I got to Aguas a day before planned.

He gave me a walking tour of the whole downtown area, which was awesome because I’ve been there bunches of times but normally at night so I don’t know a lot about it. We walked quite literally for 10 hours. I couldn’t feel my hips by the time I got back to the hotel.

This was my favorite statue in the Jardin San Marcos

Can you tell I like Instagram? haha

Well, on Friday I went to Alex’s and went to his basketball practice with him and Nancy. Nancy and I clicked right away and it was nice not to be the only girl hanging out with the bball team. That night Alex, Nancy, Óscar and I went to a club….called Dobby and it was awesome. I forgot my camera per usual. :X But my friend, Monica, and her boyfriend met up with us there and we all had a blast. 

The next day we threw a party in Alex’s house. 






My class is about to start so I have to go but I only stayed in Mexico a full three days after this so I’ll talk about that next time I blog. 🙂 

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La werita takes Mexico.

Hi guys! Soo when I said “I’ll write about it tomorrow” after all my frustration…well, apparently “tomorrow” meant “in a few days.” Oops. Sorry. I have been sucked into American Horror Story and Pretty Little Liars was on last night and and and…yeah. I’ve run out of excuses.

But okay! So let me try and write about the full trip, but if it’s too long I’ll divvy this into two posts.

You guys already heard about my flight fiasco where everything got all cray.

So anyways, on my flight to Guadalajara I met this woman and her beautiful baby girl on my flight, her and her husband’s story is really devastating and I’m really hoping they can be together here.

Okay, let me get my thoughts together for a second..sorry, I just did Insanity so I’m dying a little bit, haha.

Man I wish WordPress would have saved my post when I first wrote it, it was awesome. -__-

Pero así es la vida. C’est la vie. Whatevs.

I arrived to Guadalajara around 8 pm when I was supposed to arrive at 4:30 pm. I took a taxi to the bus station (270 FREAKING PESOS, PEOPLE! That was more than my bus ticket to Puerto Vallarta FIVE HOURS AWAY) and the whole time the taxi driver was trying to convince me to let him drive me to Vallarta for a small fee of $300 USD. Yeah right. I’m a poor college student.

Unfortunately the bus did not leave Guadalajara until 11:00 pm so I just chilled in the station for a while being the only gringa there. Blah blah blah bus bus bus and I arrived in Vallarta at 5 am. Lovely. Nothing like sleeping on a bus that is zipping at a scary-fast speed through the mountains of Mexico.

Pichis (real name, Ricardo) and Amy’s dad picked me up and we all went back to the house, Amy greeted me all super excited squealing and whatnot and then we promptly went to bed cos I’d been traveling for 20 hours. We actually woke up early the next day so Pichis, Amy, and I hopped on the bus to go to Punta de Mita in Nayarit which is the state next to Jalisco.

We all suck at surfing, but it’s so much fun so I really didn’t care. I could spend all day in the water. Anything related to the water, I love it. Except maybe fishing. That comes off as a bit boring to me, haha.

Once we got back to Vallarta, I had a bazillion missed calls and texts on my American phone. I left my phone in the house all day turned on airplane mode but I had to check it to tell my parents I was still alive so that’s how that all popped up. 

It was a really pleasant surprise though – my friend Óscar was in Vallarta too! He knew I was coming to Vallarta and he knew HE was going with HIS family, but he didn’t tell me until I got there. 

So Saturday we all met up (me, Pichis, Óscar, Amy, and Óscar’s cousin, Omar) to just chill at a restaurant on the beach, eat, swim, fight the giant waves of the Pacific.


And in the evening we all met up AGAIN to go danciiiiing. I love dancing. 😀 We went to La Vaquita and Mandala. I suck at taking pictures though so I don’t have a lot. I honestly need a photographer to follow me around so I have documentation of what I do in my life.

ImageIn La Vaquita 


The next day Óscar and his family had to return home sooo it was just me, Amy, and Pichis again.

Word to the wise – don’t hang out with a couple. It will drive you nuts. I love Pichis AND I love Amy but sometimes I just wanted to stab my eyeballs with a spoon.

Apart from that, my time there was awesome. We went to Nayarit again with Amy’s [almost] entire family to Rancho Grande Los Pinos and spent the whole day swimming and picnicking and lying in the sun (well, I was in the sun, there rest were in the shade haha). We’re opposites – I want to be darker and Amy wants to be lighter.  I also finished “Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness” which was awesome. 

Here’s a picture of the place we went to, courtesy of their website, haha.

Also if you’re wondering why I titled this post “la werita takes Mexico” it’s just cos I felt like it. And all my friends call me wera/werita/gringa (or more properly spelled güera/güerita, buttttt I have been heavily influenced by my friends in the way that I write in Spanish haha).

I feel like my vacation sounds boring in retrospect but I promise it was awesome – I just don’t do touristy things while I’m there cos I’m with my friends and I’ve done the whole tourist shtick before when I studied abroad in Mexico.

Oooh! New Years! Okay New Years will be my stopping point then I’ll fill you guys in on the rest of my trip.

We spent New Years with Amy’s whole family and it was so much fun. We spent the night dancing at her cousin’s house and eating grapes (at midnight you have to eat some grapes and for every grape make 2 wishes or something like that, it made no sense to me haha) and tamaleeeeees and champagne! And I already showed you guys the photos from that. 🙂 

Next up will be my trip to Aguascalientes and Querétaro so I should talk about that tomorrow…or you know, in a few days. haha 🙂




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the perks of traveling




My flight has now been delayed. So delayed in fact, that if I were to get on said flight – I would miss my connecting flight to Mexico. Luckily, with the airline I’m flying I was able to change my flight free of charge, but it’s still so stressful.

What if I hadn’t been awake when that e-mail was sent? eughh. Last minute changes stress me out.

You guys would be impressed by the amount of stuff I fit into my suitcases. I hate checking bags so I’m just bringing carry on stuff. In one duffel bag I somehow fit two pairs of five inch heels plus four dresses plus jeggings plus a bikini plus ~12 tops give or take.

I’m just really impressed about the two pairs of five inch heels mixed in with all of my clothing. Not to mention in my other suitcase I have another pair of five inch heels. Are you getting a vibe? Shoes are my priority.

Also, miraculously, in my quart sized bag I’ve fit shampoo, conditioner, face wash, sunscreen, toothpaste, moisturizer, heat protector for when I straighten my hair, a UV protector so my hair doesn’t fade in the sun, and perfume. I think that’s it. haha. I’m the master of shoving things into bags. I’m so skilled…right?

lol not.

I’m so excited for this vacation though. I’m going to continue praying that my trip is safe and that my flights stay the same and that I get to Mexico in a timely manner so I can get to my bus to go to Puerto Vallarta. Did I mention I won’t arrive in Puerto Vallarta until 4 am?

It’s going to be cray.

I should go to bed now. :X

Aaah I’m so excited to be there I don’t know how I’m going to sleep.

I guess the plus side of my flight being changed is that I only have 1 layover but I was really hoping to go through immigration in Monterrey so I wasn’t in a rush to get to my bus in Guadalajara. Butttt we shall see. I could have left RDU late afternoon to minimize my layover in Atlanta but I’d rather just go ahead and leave here in the morning to ensure that I am actually traveling and in the air and whatnot, haha.

I’ll be back to update my blog in January! See you guys in the new year. 🙂

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as Annie would say, TOMORROW!

Well, she’d actually sing about loving you tomorrow.

What I mean is TOMORROW I go to Mexico. I sit here blogging as I stare at the mess that is my room.

My family recently moved so I’m doing this awkward thing of unpacking boxes as I pack to go to Mexico while trying to not put anything away that I have to take back to my apartment. It’s resulted in me sitting in the middle of a pile of stuff/lying on my foam roller going back and forth in the mess.



I’ve allegedly booked a taxi service for tomorrow. And I realize my use of the word “allegedly” was awkward but I still haven’t gotten a confirmation e-mail and it’s been half an hour. I mean seriously, bro? If nothing arrives by 7 pm or so I’m going to call. Nothing causes anxiety quite like NOT knowing if you have anyone picking you up to take you to the airport.

I’ve asked a couple people to do it but no one is particularly keen on picking me up at 4:15 am. I mean I get that, but at the same time it’s kinda fun. You know? My roommate’s boyfriend was gung ho about it but it conflicts with his work schedule. Other than that I’m afraid my friends won’t wake up early enough. So I’m going with a taxi. Yeah, moving on.

Today’s priorities were a manicure and pedicure (check), sushi, and finishing packing. My nails are all OPI Thrill of Brazil ready for Vallarta.

Keep in mind though, I’m not just jet setting off into Puerto Vallarta. I’ll be heading there first to spend a week with my wonderful friends before coming further inland to Aguascalientes and then Queretaro.

I am so excited. Honestly. Every time I think about it my heart starts beating like crazy. 😀 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

I’ll have so much to update you guys on! I’m not bringing my computer to Mexico but when I get back in 2 weeks I’ll bring loads of stories and pictures!

Also, Christmas was amazing! I hope you guys all enjoyed your holidays! I got Insanity whoohoo I’m going to do that when I return from Mexico! So excited to start that up.


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a moment of absolute chaos and insanity

It’s almost 3 am and I can’t sleep for the most ridiculous reason.

Let me attempt to make this brief.

I decided to see how far the Guadalajara airport is from the Guadalajara bus station to know what time I should buy my bus ticket from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta for.

Well, Google Maps tells me it’s over an hour away. And I just start panicking. Imagining the ridiculous fees taxi drivers are going to charge me. Searching for new flights to no avail and the ones that do come up are $900 for a ONE WAY trip that only lasts 3 hours.

I start Facebook messaging my friend Ricardo rapid fire Spanish style saying QUE VOY A HACER QUE VOY A HACER QUE VOY A HACER? (What am I going to do x 3) cos I was flipping shit.

Here is a summary of the conversation:

Ricardo: I thought you knew the airport was super duper far away!
Ricardo: I don’t know…you travel a lot!
Ricardo: Ask someone for a ride, people are nice here.

So Ricardo starts looking for how to get to the bus station from the airport and sending me all of this information and all I can say (in Spanish, mind you) is, “DON’T SEND ME ANYTHING IN SPANISH! I AM IN NO PLACE TO READ OR UNDERSTAND SPANISH RIGHT NOW!  I AM FREAKING OUT!’

Soooo I start texting my friend Lisa who is from Guadalajara. I thought she was in the US but it turns out she is already in Guadalajara *surprise* so she CALLS me FROM Guadalajara like “OMG ARE YOU OKAY?!”  cos I was like “SUPER MEGA PROBLEMA I NEED YOUR HELP”  (I’m a bit of a drama queen sometimes, it’s my downfall o_O) and I’m just freaking out.

And her sister (who currently LIVES in Guadalajara) goes “Kaitlyn nahh no pasa nada just when you get to the airport go to the taxi booth and say ‘I want a taxi to the central camionera’  it’s not that far away and you can get your bus to Puerto Vallarta.”

Ant-iclimatic but true.

Now my blood is pumping and I don’t think I can make it to church in the morning because it’s 3 am and the chances of me being able to fall asleep right now are essentially…mmm…negative.

But yeah.

Absolute panic and sheer traveling terror brought to you by yours truly.


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I was thinking about waiting a little while before I posted because not too much is going on.

But then I realized I have so much to look forward to. Despite the fact that I’m an entire BOOK behind on my reading for Anth, I am still so happy.

Halloween is next week followed soon after by Thanksgiving break then my birthday then Christmas break then Christmas itself (also known as my dad’s birthday! whoop) and THEN MEXICO.

I literally cannot think of anything else. Mexico has occupied my brain. So I’m going to share some photos with you guys that I may or may not have previously!


me surfing in Puerto Escondido!!

ImageWith the Mexican flag in Mexico City!!

ImageAt a carne asada with my friends. 🙂


62 days

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back to life, back to MEXICO.



I bought a ticket to MEXICO! (Shocking, right?)


On the 27th of December I my butt will finally be in MONTERREY. For 3 hours. THEN I will be in Guadalajara! And last but not least PUERTO VALLARTA. ❤

Yes, I know Puerto Vallarta is more American than it is Mexican. Except not when I’m there. ‘Cos I’m going to stay with my lovely Mexican friend, Amy and her family! Our friend Pichis (not his real name, haha, everyone in Mexico has nicknames) is going to meet me in Guadalajara and we will head over to Puerto Vallarta together.

I am so happyyyyy. Yeeeeeeeeeiii!! (That’s Spanish for “yay” haha).

I’ll be hitting up many cities while I’m there, including Aguascalientes and Queretaro, of course!!

I know I’ve been absent a lot, but really my blogging would mostly consist of my nanny-ing, my essay writing (or better, my essay procrastinating), and my midterm-taking. And my catering job which requires a lot of standing up (eight hours to be exact) so now I am rather accustomed to it which is crazy but I consistently roll my feet over a tennis ball to offset all that standing. Obviously my life is crazy exciting.

It’s funny cos a lot of my friends don’t understand how I pay for all my traveling.

Here is my tip: I don’t spend money on other things.

I mean I do.

But what I do is I put x amount each week in savings, x amount in checking, and allot x amount for traveling! It’s wonderful, really.

Now I am back to doing all my readings for my global studies class (Communist Manifesto, here I come…eugh) but I will be back to update about my impending travels to MEXICO and Finland.


Nos vemooos. 🙂

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